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Financial Freedom Is In Your Heart

September 25 2018 by Katie Mongelli

 I recently stumbled upon a collection of essays I wrote in college and stopped on one called “Why I majored in accounting.” I wrote: “I know I will always be able to find a job and support myself [...]

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Why We Need Feminine energy for our Finances!

August 13 2018 by Katie Mongelli


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The Day My Phone Charger Changed My Finances!

August 13 2018 by Katie Mongelli

For years, I had a paralyzing fear of being a financial failure and a failure at running my business. I spent a lot of time asking myself, ‘Why am I so afraid?’ but I wasn't able to answer this [...]

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How to Work Less, Live More and Make Great Money

August 06 2018 by Katie Mongelli

I was invited to be a guest on Clarity on Fire's podcast to talk about how to heal your money story to start living.  Over the last decade I have had many financial highs and lows until I finally [...]

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End Fear And Shame Around Money

June 20 2018 by Katie Mongelli

How to release your shame around money?

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How To Move Through Fear To Reach Your Financial Goals

June 12 2018 by Katie Mongelli

I woke up feeling stressed out today. I was unusually grumpy and irritable which was a little surprising since I just had a beautiful weekend relaxing with family and friends. It would seem [...]

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3 Steps to Overcome Financial Procrastination

June 06 2018 by Katie Mongelli

Step 1: Recognize and Acknowledge it I am the type of person that writes lists for everything in my life because I thoroughly enjoy checking things off. I am also the person that adds things I [...]

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Super Soul Sunday!

May 22 2018 by Katie Mongelli

I watched this episode on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah a while ago but recently stumbled across it again! I love how Lynne Twist talks about the wounds we all have around our relationship that [...]

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Tackle Unexpected Challenges

May 15 2018 by Katie Mongelli

While each of us experiences different challenges in life, challenges are part of our journey and will happen to all of us at some time. What I know to be true is that the surprise nature of [...]

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5-Steps to Spring Clean Your Spending

May 13 2018 by Katie

Over the months and years, we collect things in our closets and in the back of our cabinets that take up space and never get used! If you are like me, you wonder why you ever even brought some of [...]

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