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Create Your 2018 Vision Board

January, 15 2018 by Katie

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – unknown

To take our vision from a wish to reality we need to create a plan. One of my favorite ways to begin my planning is to create a vision board. This vision board visually represents all of your goals for the year. I like creating a vision board because the process of creating the vision board is very tactile which helps me “feel” the vision at a very deep level. I believe that if you can feel it you can create it!

How do You Create a Vision Board?

Materials Needed:
I use a large poster foam board because it is studier than regular poster board.
Printed Images from the Internet or magazines.

Step 1: Collect Images
I reflect on my vision for the year and find images that fill these feelings and desires. I prefer using images from the internet since I have access to a unlimited variety so I will definitely find something that represents me and my goals!

For example, this year I desired to create strong female friendships so I found images of what I want my relationships with friends to look like such as woman having coffee together and women laughing together.

I also search words in google and go to images and print those since they are usually more graphically engaging than my just using a marker to write words on my board! Some of the words that were meaningful to me this year are Joy and Freedom and Happiness so I printed images of these words and sprinkled them around my board.

Step 2: Plan your Board
In the center of my vision board I put a grounding image that will guide my year and fit the vision I have set. When I create my vision I also created a theme word that will be a guiding mantra for 2018. I post mine on the center of my vision board and would invite you to do the same. This one word will be central to guiding your decisions throughout the year. When faced with uncertainty of a decision, you can reflect on how it is or is not aligned with this theme word that represents what you want to create this year!

This year my image was a pink heart and the word Thrive overlaid on top because it rooted me in the idea of following my feelings and focusing on love as a guiding force for my year.
Then, I mentally divided the board into 4 quadrants and then group my pictures into categories.
• Family and Relationships
• Spirituality
• Personal Development
• Career

Step 3: Create Your Board
Since I had used this image of a heart in the center of my board, I put my family and relationships on the top left and Spirituality on the top right since that is the biggest and broadest part of the heart and felt like the most important things to me should be there.

At the bottom left and right, near the narrowest part of the heart, I put those goals which were less important to me. These were items related to my Career or Financial success. They are important, but my family and my spirituality are far more important to me.

I have heard many say 2017 was a hard year for them, and I am no exception. The best part of all the challenges I encountered in 2017 is that I learned so much from them and I feel like I grew stronger and moved closer to my purpose in life! With all this personal growth focused on in 2017, I am excited to Thrive in 2018!

I want to hear how you enjoyed creating your vision board for 2018!



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