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Emerge as a Beautiful Butterfly!

February, 26 2018 by Katie

You learned your values and vision as a caterpillar and implemented new habits and systems in your cocoon and finally, it is time for the beautiful and graceful Butterfly to emerge and take flight and share its beauty with the world. It takes courage to break free from the cocoon of old beliefs and ways of operating. It takes courage to trust in yourself and soar on new wings to your dreams!

How do you know when you are a butterfly?

I knew I had emerged as a butterfly when I was in flow with my finances! I knew what I wanted in my financial life and all the systems were in place to support me. It wasn’t because I was at a destination or had achieved a certain status, instead I was just living in peace with my finances and in alignment with my vision.

We all emerge as a butterfly at a different place in our life because each of has a different vision for our life. A caterpillar only becomes a butterfly once, but we have the opportunity to transform as many times as we want in our lives.

The Monarch Method isn’t meant to be a strict set of rules, instead it is a framework. It is a set of principles to guide you and educate you and help you gain financial mastery and integrate into any stage of your life. You can revisit this transformation process throughout your life. If you go back to school, get married divorced, decide to start a business or change careers you can go back and determine your values and vision for your life and then review your goals and budget and habits to make sure they support your new direction.

The habits we go over here will be something you can go back to each time depending on what stage you are in!

If I can support you as you go through your financial transformation, click here to schedule your free call!



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August, 13 2018

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