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Holidays Are For Joy, Peace And Love!

November, 20 2017 by Katie

It’s November, and for many of us, this is the start of an exciting holiday season!

My favorite part of the holiday season is how it’s filled with happy memories with friends and family, lots of celebrations full of delicious seasonal foods, and frequently, an extra helping of stress. But, for me, a successful holiday season is one that is filled with peace, love, and many joyful holiday moments!

I don't know about you, but I know I want my daughter to grow up with memories of us in the kitchen baking our special holiday cookies, curling up on the couch to watch a holiday movie, putting the decorations on the tree together while remembering holidays past, and driving around to see the lights people have put up! I see laughter. I see warmth. I see love.

These moments fill my life with joy and offer me a peace from the busyness of everyday life. That is why I love the holiday season. For me, it is a time of year that is filled with dreams and fantasy, but if we are lucky, we can steal a bit of this fantasy for our reality.

The trick is, you have to act purposefully and mindfully and pause when you feel that holiday joy to treasure it. Savor it. Hold it so close to your heart that it won't escape and then next year you will close your eyes and you will see that exact moment play in your mind like a movie and be so excited to record more memories!

I imagine you want this too and I want to help you make it a reality!

Let’s create a financial plan for enjoying your holiday season!

How are we going to create joy and peace during the holiday season?

Part of why holidays can be so stressful is that there are so many invitations and demands on our time and finances.

But, you have the ability to choose how you will spend your time and your money this season. To create a peaceful and joyful stress free holiday, we need to determine the best use of our time and money. Our priorities need to serve as our guide.

What is your #1 priority for your holiday season this year?
Is it time with your family? Is it time with friends? Is it parties and celebrations? Is it making sure you have a gift for everyone on your list?

Take a minute and really think about and decide what this priority is for you and write it down!

Now that you know your priority, use this as your guide to all decisions during your holiday season!

My top priority for my holiday season this year, and most years, is Family!
For me, being with my family to share the holiday season is more important than anything else.
With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up (my favorite holiday!) I want my family's memories filled with a lazy morning, a special breakfast, time together enjoying the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then our traditional Thanksgiving dinner together.

The holiday season is a time to pause and remember who and what I love and have gratitude for all the beauty in my life! I definitely don't want to be frazzled and yelling about one more thing I need to do which means I have to be able to say no!

With my priority being family, that means that all of my financial goals for the holiday are based what brings me closer to them.

Every time I open my wallet during this holiday season I have to ask myself, will this purchase will create more time with my family? If the answer is no, then I do not need to spend in this area.

What does being guided by my #1 priority really look like?
My daughter wants to have a holiday party, which we have never done, though I love holiday parties! As we dream up ideas and decide if we will or won't have a holiday party, I am entertaining this conversation because I answered a resounding “YES!” that this will create more time with my family and loved ones! This creates togetherness and warmth and everything I fantasize about the holiday season! This meets my priority and goal for the holiday season so it is a good use of my financial resources!

Since my priority for the holiday is time with my family, not gifts, I do not venture out to the mall on black Friday looking for huge discounts or sales or specials. I spend Black Friday writing a list out, in order of importance, of who I will shop for. Once I have my list written, I designate a budget amount for all my shopping and then I spread it out among the names on my list. If I am not able to get through the whole list, I edit the amounts and try again and then consider if I really need to give a gift to everyone on my list. In general, I tend to reduce the people on my list as this is most in line with priority for time with family.

If I am shopping for 100 people, I cannot spend time with my family. Instead, I will be rushing around to every store in the metro area trying to find the exact best thing. If I shorten my list, I can focus on a quality and thoughtful item that is truly meaningful and still have time for my family. This is something I feel very good about.

Time with family is more important than any present I can order online or buy at the crowded shopping mall.

Let go of the pressure to meet other people’s expectations this holiday season!

When you’re feeling stressed about the holiday, think about the message you’re telling yourself.
Is it that your mother in law might be upset you served rolls from a bag instead of baking fresh bread? Is it that Uncle Steve doesn’t prefer Turkey and wants a custom dish? Do these requests of your time and energy meet your holiday priorities? If the answer is no, then make choices that honor you! Serve those rolls out of the supermarket package and cook the menu most guests will love and enjoy your time together! Stop worrying about pleasing everyone else, at your own detriment, and create a holiday full of traditions that work for you!

Don’t forget this includes overspending to please others. Don’t blow the budget this season by overspending to meet other’s expectations or to please others!

Enjoy your holiday season and if you need help creating your holiday budget you know I am here to help you! Email me Katie@MonarchFinancialCoaching.com!


Enjoy your holiday season and if you need help creating your holiday budget you know I am here to help you! Email me Katie@MonarchFinancialCoaching.com!

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