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How to Get the Support You Really Need to Create Your Dream Life!

November, 06 2017 by Katie

Do you have the support you need to create the life of your dreams?

Over the last two weeks, I didn’t feel like myself. I felt tired and a little blue.

I thought maybe it was the weather - it has been really rainy here.

Or maybe it’s stress from work?

Or maybe I wasn’t sleeping well or eating right.

I had missed a few workouts, so maybe it was lack of exercise.

Every day, I kept practicing gratitude and journaling to pick myself up which would work for a little while, until it didn’t.

Then suddenly, I woke up feeling inspired and excited and alive. I felt just like myself. I felt

energetic and ready to tackle my day.

What had changed?

Why this sudden change in emotions?

Then I realized, my husband was out of the country for the last two weeks.

He is my best friend.

He is the person I turn to when I am excited.

He is the person I turn to when I am frustrated.

He is the person I turn to when facing a challenge or a big decision.

But, over the last few weeks I was on my own.

The time difference combined with poor phone service abroad made it difficult for us to connect as regularly as we do here at home.

The last time I felt this way in my life was while I was a single mother.

That period of time in my life was very dark. It was exhausting and lonely from the stress of

raising and providing for my daughter totally on my shoulders during these years.

My mind was worrying all the time.

I never got the rest that I needed.

I couldn’t focus on my health and well-being during this time.

It felt like I was on my own.

But was that true?

I have family.

I have friends.

I have people that care about me.

Am I really alone or was I not taking action to ask for the support that I needed?

We have to reach out for support.

I know so many of us feel alone, like we have no one to turn to in challenging times. But we

aren’t alone. We have people who love us. We need to be brave and reach out and ask for the

support we need.

We all need people to turn to when we want to celebrate.

We need people to turn to when we are scared.

We need people to turn to when frustrated angry or feeling down.

We need to ask for help and let people in.

Do you have those people in your life?

If you don’t think you do, I challenge you to ask yourself - is that true? Do I really not have

people in my life to support me? Or have I just not asked them to see if they can support me?

What weight can they ease from your shoulders?

Are you asking them for the help you need?

If you don’t have the support you need, where could you turn to build this support system?

How could you develop supportive relationships around yourself?

A week ago, a friend of mine sent me a text about challenges she was facing in her business

and she said, “I trust that the universe knows the right time.”

She had no idea that I was so frustrated that day. Nothing was going right and I was ready to

give up and cry. But when I read this text, it made me stop and reflect on that message - the

universe knows the right time and I trust it.

I started thinking about all the things that had fallen into place for me and it changed my day.

I realized this connection and support was so helpful to me in creating my dreams.

Then I did something I haven’t done in the past.

I wrote back and told her exactly how her text had changed my day.

I don’t know why she was called to share her message with me but the universe knew I needed

to hear it. By thanking her, I wanted her to know that when she feels compelled or called by the

universe to follow it because you never know who you are helping.

Sometimes something so small changes your life.

Sometimes you can ask for the help you need:

Tell me something good about myself.

Tell me a quality you appreciate in me.

What do you like about me?

Hearing this will remind you of what you have inside you and everyone has things that are good

about them. Don’t be embarrassed that you need help - we all do.

Sit down by yourself and think of all the people around you - family, friends, siblings, neighbors,

your kids.

Who do you trust?

Who do you feel comfortable with?

Who listens to you?

Reach out. Connect with girlfriends or neighbors or family. They need you to even if you don’t

know it or realize it.

Say hi to that stranger you see everyday or ask that coworker to join you for lunch.

They are feeling alone too.

Be the person who reaches out and creates a connection today!

If I can be that person who supports you then click here and book a call with me!




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August, 13 2018

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