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Joy and Financial Transformation!

March, 27 2018 by Katie

If you have watched my videos or read my blog then you have probably realized I talk about joy a lot. Financial transformation can be hard and I want you to feel joy along the way. I believe that if we only feel deprived we will end up giving up before we create the changes we desire in our life.

However, our joy has to be something we indulge in mindfully. This means that we have to plan for it and outline parameters around how it will show up in our life. We do this by thinking about choices and priorities.

You can get started on this by reviewing expenses and figuring out what doesn’t add value in your life.
Ask yourself:
Where have I spent money in the last 30 or 60 days that didn’t create joy?

Just to be clear, I am initially referring to personal spending not necessities here. However, if the cost of your home, car, or other necessities are not adding to your life or are preventing you from having joy as you desire, you can certainly re-evaluate where they fit in your life. I have certainly done this more than once!

In the early stages of my financial transformation, I reviewed my expenses and chose to not have cable television or internet at home. It was an expense that took up room in my budget but didn't add significant value to my life. As a busy working mom, I barely even had time to watch television and I could think of a lot more fun ways to use this $125 throughout the month.

Sometimes I would take my daughter out for an ice cream or get pizza for dinner.
Other times, it was a new shirt at Target or a manicure!
On weekends, we would go to Redbox and rent a $1 movie, bake cookies, and watch it on our DVD player.

Where I am in my financial journey always dictates how and what I could fit into my life as joy! It isn’t all about sacrifice or doing without. It is about choices and priorities. We got creative and we enjoyed these moments. When you let go of things that don’t add value it doesn’t feel like sacrifice or going without.

There came a time where I needed to work more from home and it wasn’t realistic to continue to live without internet. Change is a normal part of life and having a good plan in place allowed me to revisit my spending and decide what could go and what could stay.

Making room for joy is all about being creative and making choices that allow us to find ways to treat yourself in ways that feel good and create joy!

What trade off will you make to enjoy the journey to your goals?



August, 13 2018

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August, 13 2018

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