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The 4-Steps I Used to Create the Life of My Dreams

October 23 2017 by Katie

I want to talk to you today about how to live your life intentionally and in alignment with your values. Because when you are intentionally creating a life that’s in alignment with your values, [...]

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Enjoy your weekend and stay on budget!

October 20 2017 by Katie

[embed]https://youtu.be/N3bxMXGN50E[/embed] Having a financial plan doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love! It is about making choices of what is important to you!

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What are you watering your tree with?

October 16 2017 by Katie

Many of us have been taught that Hard work = Success. Because we believe this formula, we think that finances, or a lack thereof, are a cause of stress in our life.

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Do you have the support you need? by Katie Mongelli

October 15 2017 by Katie


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