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Rich In Joy!

March, 20 2018 by Katie

Rich in joyIf we work towards goals that are steps to someone else’s definition of financial success, we may end up creating a life that looks financially impressive from the outside, but feels cold, empty, and unhappy on the inside. This is the epitome of being rich and miserable! However, I believe we can be both rich and joyful!

If you haven’t heard Kenny Chesney’s song Rich and Miserable, I strongly recommend you take a listen! I heard this song nearly a year ago and it has stayed with me. It reminds me of the work I did for my own financial transformation and how I coach clients on theirs.

My goal for myself, and my clients, is to create a life Rich in Joy! To do so, I help my clients identify what they value and how they want to feel in their lives! From there, we work together to create a very personal vision for their life and set goals aligned with this vision which creates a roadmap to creating financial joy!

I believe that part of success in life is identifying who we are at our core and finding a way to share this with the world! For me, my vision for my life revolves around the word freedom. If you are around me for any amount of time, you are sure to hear me talk about Freedom. I need freedom like others need air and water to live. Freedom is food for my soul and I am relentless in my pursuit of it and encourage others to have it too!

Perhaps you are thinking “must be easy to say from where you are sitting, but that won’t work in my life.” In case you are, I think it is important that you realize that I haven’t “made it” to some fairytale destination of financial safety, upon which I am standing and telling you not to fear. Instead, I am in the trenches with you doing the same work everyday. But I can tell you without hesitation that my values, vision, and personal definition of financial success guide every choice I make and since living in this way I am happier and more financially successful!

Freedom is important in every area of my life. I tend to blaze my own path because I don’t like being told what to do or how to do it, but sometimes, like we all do, I get sidetracked and caught up in concern for what others say I should be doing.

Recently, I noticed this in my work. While I love freedom, I am also very organized and a planner (yes I outline my vacations in excel spreadsheets!) so I see value in having a plan for my content. However, lately, I was struggling. I was pushing and forcing and trying to create content based on topics in the predetermined content schedule, because I heard I “should” do things this way. But, this way wasn’t working for me. I was coming up empty which felt awful and frustrating!

My guiding vision for my blog is to show up here as ME and remember why I started! I started my blog because I love writing and connecting with my clients. My favorite part of my blog is creating content that comes from my heart, that adds value to your financial transformation, and is inspiring and motivating. With these ideas as the guiding force, I decided to let myself have more creative freedom and the ideas starting flowing again!

But, if I am going to show up here as me then maybe you want to know who I am?
I am a woman who is unapologetic in my pursuit for Freedom in my life!
I am a woman who loves her family, spending time by the water, and breathing in fresh mountain air.
I am a Yoga lover and I am passionate about helping women fall in love with their money!

I will show up here open in my journey and excited to support you on yours!

I want to hear from you…..
Tell me what you love!
Tell me what would bring you joy in your life!

I am confident that this world needs more of you and more of me!

Join me on this journey to be Rich in Joy!

And, let’s be real together!


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