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3 Steps to Overcome Financial Procrastination

June, 06 2018 by Katie Mongelli

Step 1: Recognize and Acknowledge itI am the type of person that writes lists for everything in my life because I thoroughly enjoy checking things off. I am also the person that adds things I already completed to the list just so I can check them off!

When I have an assignment, I take action before the meeting ends and give myself fake deadlines and finish it days or weeks before it is due.

So, in general, you could say that I am not much of a procrastinator, but when I do procrastinate I am an expert at it and yesterday my procrastination showed up!

 wasting time

I had a project I needed to complete. I had avoided it for days and I really needed to finish it for a deadline. I opened up my computer and spent about 20 minutes staring at my screen. Then, I decided that I needed a snack and then I needed a drink of water. When I returned to my computer, I thought I should check in with my team and make sure they didn’t need any assistance. Then, I figured I should take a quick peek at my email, just so there wouldn’t be any interruptions while I was working on the project! I am not sure how much time I wasted on this circus act, but it was a while! Luckily, this wasn’t my first time in the procrastination rodeo!

My procrastination reminded me of a conversation I just had last week! In this conversation, a woman asked me:

“Do you agree, that procrastination is a sign you aren’t working on your passion?”

 My answer to her, and to you today, is that No, I don’t agree that procrastination is a sign you aren’t working on your passion! I think it is a sign that your inner fear and overwhelm monsters are popping in for a friendly visit!

Here are my 3 steps to taming your fear and overwhelm monsters so you can stop procrastinating and get things done!

Step 1: Recognize and Acknowledge it

The first step to move through my procrastination is to recognize and acknowledge it.

To do this, I use my journal to give whatever is causing me to procrastinate a voice. In my journal, I write what I am feeling, what I am afraid of, really anything that is coming up for me. I just let the thoughts flow and write whatever comes to mind. I don’t worry about if they are realistic or what order to write them down in. The most important part of this step is to not hide or edit what I am writing or to push it down, ignore it, or label it as wrong. I want to be open and acknowledge and recognize anything there is for me to hear.

Step 2: Connect with an Accountability Partner

I have learned that having an accountability partner is a key to moving through the procrastination!

For me, I have different accountability partners in different areas of my life. At work, I have coaches and mentors. For health and fitness, I have workout buddies, friends, and instructors. In my personal life, I have a coach and my family and friends.

Once I have acknowledged and listened to the fear and journaled all that it has to say, I can reach out to an accountability partner through a call or text or email and share what is coming up for me. Just sharing this with another person helps me get a new perspective and see my procrastination from a new angle.

I also find that the act of sharing the fear and overwhelm with someone else helps lessen its grip on me. The burden suddenly feels lighter. It is as if I said to the fear and overwhelm: It is I have heard you and I respect your opinion but I know what I need to do and I am going to do it anyway.

Step 3: Appreciate the gift

You may be asking yourself, “appreciate what gift?” Well, I believe a key to moving through fear or anything paralyzing me is to refrain from judging it and a way to do that is through appreciation or gratitude.

I am able to find appreciation and gratitude in a challenging moment because I believe that the fear and overwhelm that accompany the procrastination are clues and insights into what I desire or what I need in my life. Essentially, I recognize that they are visiting me to communicate something to me. The journaling is an important part of my ability to see what that is and to find a gift in this moment.

The gift in the procrastination I experienced yesterday was seeing how much I have done! My journaling was largely my fear asking me to slow down, but when I look back over the last 2 weeks, 6 months and even the year I see how each little step has brought me to where I am today. I am able to appreciate myself and each step I have taken to get closer to creating my dreams. It also reminds me that I don’t have to accomplish all things today or to be able to see the entire journey before me. I only have to know the next step and take that small action. Once I have done that the next stop will become visible and the accumulation of them is what will move me forward. Suddenly, only having to take one step is much less scary than thinking of the total goal!

Moving through these 2 steps allowed me to release my anxiety and stop the procrastination. I took action, and while I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, I made progress and that is worth celebrating.

If you want to stop the paralyzing fear and procrastination in your relationship with money, then join me on in my Live Your Money Dreams Facebook group! See you there!


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