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Tackle Unexpected Challenges

May, 15 2018 by Katie Mongelli

While each of us experiences different challenges in life, challenges are part of our journey and will happen to all of us at some time. What I know to be true is that the surprise nature of challenges is part of what leaves us feeling stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Today, I want to give you three steps to get through your unexpected financial challenges in a way that feels true to you and honors your needs.

plan for changes

Step 1: Make Space

Step 1: Make Space

Some challenges in our life will require our immediate attention, such as a life-threatening illness or a car accident. With these challenges, there isn’t time to think, instead we must take action.

Other challenges in life, have a more flexible timeline. This may include being downsized from your job, starting a new business, paying off debt, going through a divorce, facing medical bills, or receiving a notice or audit letter from the IRS. They may feel like they require immediate attention, but they don’t. These are all the type of situations where you can take a breath first and come up with a plan.

If you see a letter from the IRS or a stack of unopened bills and you know that opening them will send you into stress or anxiety and your kids are getting off bus in 15 minutes or you have a huge business presentation in an hour, then now is not the right time!

The benefit of the flexible time line is that you do NOT need to tear them all open and read them RIGHT NOW! Instead, you can make space to address it at a good time. Open your planner or calendar and find a time in the next few days where you can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to reviewing the situation with your full attention. This isn’t procrastinating rather it is giving this matter the attention and respect it deserves.

Now that you have an appointment scheduled with yourself, it is time to focus on your priorities for today, in peace.

Step 2: Acknowledge The Issue

Step 2: Acknowledge the issue:

Once you have made space and scheduled a time to address the issue, decide what you need for yourself.

Do you need to address this quietly and alone?

Do you need a friend or loved one to hold your hand in support?

At the time of your appointment, make sure you have the support or privacy you need. In this time, you want to give yourself permission to feel all the emotions the matter may bring up.

Allow yourself to be afraid, to feel the pain or sadness, to be scared, or overwhelmed.

If shame or judgement come up for you, feel it and journal what you are feeling.

Remind yourself that it is ok to feel all of it. You don’t need to judge yourself for having emotions. This is the time to let it all out because allowing yourself to feel all of this, fully, is part of healing. Feeling everything allows you to release the pain and hurt and sadness.

You can’t take action when you are angry or emotional or in a reactive state. You must first find peace and calm. Once you have released all of the emotion, you can sit in quiet and really listen to what your inner voice is saying. Your inner voice is a great source of guidance and when in a state of peace knows what is right for you!

Step 3: Take Action

Step 3: Take Action

Releasing all the emotion allowed you to find clarity and peace. Now that you have clarity, you can close your eyes and really listen to your inner voice. Trust this voice to know what action you need to take to address your issue.

It Is Time To Ask:

It is time to ask:

  • What is the next right step?
  • What professional, if any, do I need to call in to support me on this issue? (A lawyer, an accountant, a career coach, etc.)
  • When do I need to take action by?

The goal in this step is to feel empowered and at peace with any action you take. If you start to feel overwhelm, judgement or shame in this process, then step back and give yourself some time to explore what is coming up for you. If someone you respected and trusted was in the same situation as you are right now and revealed the same judgement or shame, what would you say to them? Would you be supportive? Would you be encouraging? Would you remind them to give themselves some forgiveness? Now, give yourself this same love.

If you are facing a financial challenge right now and I can be of support to you, let me know by booking a time on my calendar! We can take time and walk through things together! You don’t have to face it alone!



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