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Financial Freedom Is In Your Heart

September 25 2018 by Katie Mongelli

 I recently stumbled upon a collection of essays I wrote in college and stopped on one called “Why I majored in accounting.” I wrote: “I know I will always be able to find a job and support myself [...]

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Why We Need Feminine energy for our Finances!

August 13 2018 by Katie Mongelli


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End Fear And Shame Around Money

June 20 2018 by Katie Mongelli

How to release your shame around money?

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How To Move Through Fear To Reach Your Financial Goals

June 12 2018 by Katie Mongelli

I woke up feeling stressed out today. I was unusually grumpy and irritable which was a little surprising since I just had a beautiful weekend relaxing with family and friends. It would seem [...]

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3 Steps to Overcome Financial Procrastination

June 06 2018 by Katie Mongelli

Step 1: Recognize and Acknowledge it I am the type of person that writes lists for everything in my life because I thoroughly enjoy checking things off. I am also the person that adds things I [...]

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Super Soul Sunday!

May 22 2018 by Katie Mongelli

I watched this episode on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah a while ago but recently stumbled across it again! I love how Lynne Twist talks about the wounds we all have around our relationship that [...]

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