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The Cookie Budget!

November, 13 2017 by Katie

Having a financial plan doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love!  It is about making choices of what is important to you!   In prior posts, I have shared with you how I re-created my life around what is important to me, what I value, and how I want to feel.  For me I want to feel freedom, peace, and joy.  I also need to have meaningful connections with others.   Many feel like having a budget is similar to a restrictive diet where you are left eating only celery while craving chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.  But, this is just not true!  Having a budget doesn’t mean we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves!  Instead, a budget is a framework for us to prioritize our financial choices.  To make the best choices for us, we need to reflect on what we value, what we want to create in our life, and who you want to share our life with.   I know this works, because I live it every day!   Recently, I left work early and I met a girlfriend for happy hour.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a year, though we had texted and stayed in touch on Facebook.  When we caught up, we picked up exactly where we left off and enjoyed a glass of wine together, talked about our families, our friends, and our businesses.  When I left, I felt renewed and alive and for the rest of the week I was actually more productive and accomplished more because I had taken the time to recharge myself.   When you create your financial plan, think about how you want to spend your discretionary income.  Ask yourself: How do you want to feel?  Who do you want to spend this time with?    Make sure you are allocating money towards creating experiences that support you having opportunities to connect with friends and family to rest and recharge!  I believe that spending money on things you love is as important as putting gas in the car or proper food in your body.  Sharing the moments, we enjoy with others is a form of nourishment for our soul.   No matter where you are in your finances today, you need these moments.  When my budget has been more limited, I chose activities that didn’t cost a lot of money like a hike through the woods, meeting a friend for coffee, or having friends over for a group dinner.   When we take a break from our responsibilities at home or at work we can come back totally refreshed.  I always find my energy is refilled.   Bottom line, look at your budget as a tool to help you stick to your goal of creating a financial plan that creates the life of your dreams.  The budget is a reminder to proactively and consciously decide how to spend your money!   Don’t forget, I am here to support you!  Click HERE to book your Free financial success call!   xx, Katie


August, 13 2018

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August, 13 2018

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August, 06 2018


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