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The Day My Phone Charger Changed My Finances!

August, 13 2018 by Katie Mongelli

For years, I had a paralyzing fear of being a financial failure and a failure at running my business. I spent a lot of time asking myself, ‘Why am I so afraid?’ but I wasn't able to answer this question, until I got some insight from my husband.

You see, I have this fantastic charging cord. It can stretch from the wall outlet to the other end of the sofa. It can stretch from the USB port in the front seat of the car to the back of my SUV. I can plug it in the kitchen outlet and walk to the pantry and refrigerator and cook dinner while chatting away on my charging phone. I LOVE this cord!

Recently, I was packing for a trip, and as I was putting my phone cord into my bag my husband said, “Wow, that cord is so awesome, I want one”’ While I admit I love my charging cord, I thought his level of enthusiasm and excitement over my phone cord was unusual, but I directed him to our Amazon account where he could get one.

He continued on about what a great cord it was, even asking, ‘How long is that cord??’  With a little exasperation, and complete certainty, I told him the cord was 2 feet long.

He laughed, picked up the cord, and stretched it from my toes up to my head and then back down to the floor. I started laughing too because, obviously, if the cord is two times the size of my 5'5" frame, then it can't be only 2 feet long. Soon, I was doubled over in laughter, tears streaming down my face, because I couldn't believe how certain I was that the cord was only 2 feet long. How could I have misjudged the length by so much?

I was looking at the history and seeing only a story of failure. When I cried to my husband  about my fears of being a financial failure and ending up hungry and homeless, my husband laughed.

He said: ‘You have traveled to multiple countries and states!  You employ 6 people in your business. Your bills are paid, AND you have money in your savings account. Do you think you aren't OK? How could you achieve all of this if you were a failure?'

I had never looked at myself like this. I hadn't seen where I had grown.  All I saw was that I was falling short of milestones "experts" say I should already have reached ,but his reaction helped me see things differently.

Shifting perspective isn’t easy when you are “in it”! 

It requires support!

That’s why I have created the Live Your Money Dreams Membership program.  It is a place for women to come together in encouragement and support with a common goal of healing their money story and creating a confident and empowered relationship with their finances!  The group launches THIS WEEK and you don’t want to miss it! 

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You have questions about how it works?  Email me and we will talk through them!




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August, 13 2018

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