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The Happy Journal; An Experiment in Joy

March, 13 2018 by Katie

At the time I created my Happy Journal, I was knee deep in transforming my finances. There were days I felt overwhelmed. There were days I felt like I was failing. There were days that I felt like I could never overcome all the challenges in front of me. I was worried about allowing all of this to influence my attitude. I knew that if I could stay focused on the future and believe better days were ahead that I could be open minded and see opportunities and solutions, instead of just problems.

That is when I created my happy journal.

My happy journal was an experiment in joy. While, I was practicing gratitude at this time, I really wanted to move past just being grateful. I wanted to celebrate joy in my life. I wanted to feel inspired and uplifted so every day I set about looking for joy or things to celebrate in life.

The entry below from 2012 was a list of things I love and always make me feel alive with joy…..and I can enjoy them without spending a dime!

Things I love……


The sound of waves washing against the shore

The glow of a full moon

A beautiful sunset

The buzz of crickets in the summer

A cool evening breeze by the water.

Words that speak to my heart.

A cozy fire in a snowstorm.

Sharing love.

What would be on your list?

Joy can be part of our lives no matter what our financial circumstances are. It is a matter of choice and perspective! If you want to know more about how a Happy Journal can transform your finances, click here and book your free financial success call!



August, 13 2018

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August, 13 2018

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