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The Monarch Method

February, 05 2018 by Katie

Honor the space between no longer and not yet!
-Nancy Levin

When I started my business, I wanted to pick a name that really spoke to the work I do in helping clients transform their finances. I also wanted my business name to speak to who I am. I am someone that finds great inspiration, peace, and joy in the beauty and power of nature. I immediately thought of a Monarch butterfly and the beautiful and powerful transformations it goes through in its life.

In our lives, we may not need to physically stop where we are, spin an actual cocoon around ourselves, and hang upside down to achieve transformation, but the process is surprisingly similar!

I want to share with you the process of financial transformation I call The Monarch Method.

Phase 1: The Caterpillar Stage:
A caterpillar is focused on feeding itself to fuel its future growth and transformation. In this phase, as the caterpillar keeps feeding itself and growing larger, it must shed its skin multiple times.

Our caterpillar stage is a developmental time where we find ourselves focused on feeding ourselves with knowledge and training to fuel our growth. In this stage we generally feel and anxious excitement about all the possibilities and what we want to create in our life! We learn more about our values and how we want to feel in our life so we can create a solid financial vision. As we fill ourselves with new knowledge and training we sort out what money stories and money beliefs no longer fit us. Then, we shed and release those ideas and beliefs so we are ready to move onto our next phase.

Phase 2: Chrysalis Stage:
In the Chrysalis stage a caterpillar creates a cocoon to protect itself as it transforms and prepares to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. We may not need to create a physical cocoon and shield ourselves from the world, but we do need to take some time to rest and digest and integrate the ideas, beliefs, and knowledge we ingested as a caterpillar!

This phase is “the space between no longer and not yet”. This is the place where you know exactly what you want, but you aren’t there yet. Many of us may start to feel anxious at this stage because we want to be the butterfly already.

But this is a stage where need to settle in and practice and grow. We need to use this phase create habits that support our new vision and transform our financial relationship. We create a budget that supports our goals, implement automation to track our finances, and get the support we need to bring our vision and dreams to life.

Take time to be gentle on yourself here. Build your strength. Get the support you need to transform yourself and your financial life!

Phase 3: Butterfly Stage:
Finally, it is time for the beautiful and graceful Butterfly to emerge and take flight and share its beauty with the world. It takes courage to break free from the cocoon of old beliefs and ways of operating. It takes courage to trust in yourself and soar on new wings to your dreams!

The Monarch Method is a system that you can apply any stage in your life. If you find yourself going back to school, changing careers, starting your own business, getting married or divorced these steps allow you to go back to basics and re-align your finances with your new vision for your life!

A caterpillar only becomes a butterfly once, but we have the opportunity to transform as many times as we want in our lives.

Are you ready to begin your transformation? Click here to book a free call to learn how to get started!



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