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What are you watering your tree with?

October, 16 2017 by Katie

Many of us have been taught that Hard work = Success. Because we believe this formula, we think that finances, or a lack thereof, are a cause of stress in our life.

What if I told you that financial problems are not a cause but a symptom?

Think of a flowering tree:
In order for a tree to blossom it needs sunshine and water and fertilizer (and maybe some other things, but I am not a gardener – thank goodness).

Basically, it is what you put into the tree that makes it grow healthy and blossom.

Now think of your life like a tree.
Are you putting into your life things that will make you blossom?

We all need:
Friends and family
Spirituality and happiness
Health and Fitness (includes rest and sleep)
Love and Romance
Meaning and purpose

Are you taking care of your tree or are you watering your tree with anxiety and exhaustion and stress and hoping it will grow healthy and blossom? If this is what we are “watering” our tree with then we will live a life like a hamster trapped on a hamster wheel of stress and exhaustion!

I don’t think the formula for financial success must only be hard work = success. I think the formula can be written as many ways as there are people in the universe and one formula might be inspiration and creativity = success.

If we get off the hamster wheel (and stay off it) and we rest and fill ourselves with the needed energy and nourishment, we may feel inspired and creative. We may seek out new adventures and opportunities and we may be surprised to see our tree start to blossom with financial success and fulfillment!


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